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About Us

Real Estate Independent Marketers is a company establish under the law of Cooperate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are tailored to carry out real estate businesses especially in buying of landed properties and housing estates. We run real estate businesses across Africa predominantly in Nigeria. We share a common vision with the Federal Government in achieving the one million housing units yearly as a way of combating Nigerians estimated Seventeen (17) Million housing deficits. This we are achieving by encouraging you to invest in property and housing business.

Our Vision is initiated to create strategic opportunities for people to experience business and financial freedom.

Our Mission is to play significant role to solving unemployment problems and also be part of the solution to the housing deficit challenges in Nigeria by ensuring that everyone regardless of your socioeconomic status, can be a Landlord or house owner.

Our Strategy is to help you convert your Network into Net-worth. Making your dream a reality.